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An Experiment in Storify

For my Storify, I had originally planned on doing a report on an anniversary event – a plane crash that had occurred 50 years ago near Laval, Quebec. As I sat down to write and compile the article on Saturday night, I noticed on my Twitter that reports were coming in saying that actor Paul Walker had died.

Immediately, my interest was piqued. I have never been the biggest fan of Walker, but I’ve seen plenty of movies that he’s been in and know how big of a player he was in Hollywood action movies.

My experience with Storify was certainly a positive one, and I found it very similar to the live-blogging I did with ScribbleLive. It was less stressful as there was no real-time aspect to it; I could take my time finding material and context to make the story interesting. I definitely found that I had to know what I was looking for, as well; looking for a good tweet to use in a story is like finding a needle in a haystack. The main issue I had with Storify was not directly related to the program itself, but rather the timeframe I decided to work in. Since I began my Storify as the news of Paul Walker’s death was just beginning to surface, I found it difficult to find information at the beginning. I was constantly refreshing my Twitter to see if any of his costars had reacted to the news thus far, coming up without much luck until I was 2 hours into my article. Next time I do a Storify, I think I’d like to wait a little until more news has surfaced, so I’m not working ahead of the story.